Saturday, December 21, 2013

Why Santa Loves Jesus
"Keep the merry. Dump the myth." Last year an organization put this phrase in Times Square with a picture of Santa with the words "Keep the merry" and a picture of Jesus with the words "Dump the myth." I haven't seen any similar advertising this year, but I'm sure it's there.

The funny thing is St. Nicholas, the man who we model Santa after, based his life off of this so called myth. He professed that Jesus was his model. In light of this, wouldn't it be accurate to say Santa's generosity is a result of love for Jesus? :) Read his story HERE.

The creators of the advertisement separated, even put at odds, two figures who are actually much closer than they are far apart. Besides not being well thought out, the advertisement was a poor way to bring merry into the season. Come on people. Where is the love?

St. Nicholas -- a beautiful man who gave his time, energy, resources, even his life, for countless children out of his love for Jesus -- inspired this jolly, good-willed man we know as Santa and now in bed-time stories, films and the imaginations of many children around the world continues to give generously.

So next time you see Santa consider the story of St. Nicholas and the many children who have yet to find such a kind person in their lives. And consider the originating author of such a giving heart towards those in need.

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